Fouch Farms - Grass-Fed Beef

Wishing you all a very happy 2015!

Here at Fouch Farms we are recovering from an eventful 2014 and we're looking forward to a simple, smooth-running, flourishing new year ahead.

The three year drought we have been in really took a toll on all of us in agriculture this year, and we are praying we can make it out of it. We haven't yet seen the El Nino wet rain season that we were hopeful for, but the scattering of storms and warm weather have provided a good amount of green around us and our new farm has been a huge blessing for our future.

Available products this year remain much the same, except for the ever-popular grass-fed cattle that is in short supply which we'll address in a bit.

How to purchase from Fouch Farms:
We are now taking orders for animals available in 2015. When your animal is ready we will have it slaughtered (by a certified humane slaughter) and deliver it to the butcher (who will custom cut and double wrap it). The butcher will contact you directly to get your specific instructions, but we will email or call to notify you when it is ready to pick up after we have received payment in full. At that point, you can pick up your meat from the butcher. We are not officially affiliated with them and a separate payment to them will be required to pick up your meat.

We continue to raise heirloom breeds that fit nicely into our pasture-based farm. It is a very important part of our farm to bring back these endangered breeds and make them useful again. We are also certified humane by the Animal Welfare Approved Association, which audits us annually to ensure you are getting the most humanely raised and happy animals.

Fouch Farms is 100% chemical free we do not use any insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We do not feed or grow any GMO products.

Our motto for 2015 is “Eat more pork!”. We've fine-tuned a great pastured-pork program and continue to supplement only with organic feed from Modesto Milling and organic sweet potato culls. Pigs will be ready in the fall after they have fattened off of the acorn crop. Our price for pigs will remain the same at $3.25/lb live weight.

Our goat herd is continuing to grow steadily, we have a mixture of fainting goats and boers. Similar to lamb, they are a much smaller and easier to store without large freezer, but provide a variety of meal choices with chops, roasts, stew or ground meat. When prepared right, it just might become your new favorite meal. To simplify, we'll be charging a flat fee of $200 per goat (including the slaughter and butcher fees). The finished goats will weigh in at approximately 65-90lbs live weight and will be ready in the late fall.

Now as for the cattle. We have a limited amount of Dexter cattle from our herd that, as always, are 100% grass-fed and will be finished on the late Spring grasses. What sets us apart from the majority of grass- fed producers is the fact that our cattle are born in our fields, and spend their entire lives on our ranches. We produce our own natural hay, and therefore know for a fact that our animals have never consumed any chemicals, hormones, or GMO feeds. We are certified humane by Animal Welfare Approved, and treat our cattle with the dignity they deserve. The U.S. Beef herd is at the lowest levels it has seen since the 1950's and severe drought has made beef prices skyrocket. High prices are not expected to level off until sometime in the middle of 2016. Due to market demands and the drought our prices will be at $3.00/lb live weight. Beef will be ready around June depending on rainfall.

To place an order, send an email with your desired products and quantity, we will reply and confirm it is still available and a deposit amount. We will also provide a form for you to print, fill out and return with your deposit. Once we receive your deposit, your order will be confirmed. Returning customers will receive preference on our limited supply of beef. Slaughter fees will remain the same as 2014 and cut and wrap fees will be determined by butcher.
Deposits are as follows: $100/beef order, $100/pork order, $25 chevon order.

Jesse, Hannah, Jensen, Gus, Poppy, and Baby Henry (ETA Spring 2015)