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2021 newsletter

Regeneration Nation

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! Last year was a wild ride for most of the world but things at the farm kept chugging right along. We gained many new customers as America realized how fragile our food systems really are. This year we are pushing full steam ahead on our quest for sustainability.

We have streamlined our cattle herd and have almost only White Park Cattle. These cattle are not only beautiful, but their ease of finishing on only grass is amazing, and the beef is just wonderful. We continue to use holistic management and managed intensive grazing to keep our pasture and animals healthy and productive. Scientific research has shown our methods of ranching are beneficial to our enivorment and are contributing to the sequestering of carbon.

Our farming operation is continuing to grow and our addition of a combine has helped our bottom line and our quest for true sustainability. We were able to plant about 50% of our acreage with saved seed this year and will hopefully get to 100% in the next couple of years as we save and refine appropriate varieties for our farm. This winter we currently have about 50ac planted with a variety of crops including wheat, rye, triticale, vetch, beans, turnips, mustard, and kale. We are really excited about two experimental plots where we are growing ancient Khorasan and Einkorn Wheat. This summer we plan on cover cropping the fields with buckwheat and sunflowers. We are going to start adding pigs and chickens back to our farm this year and hopefully with good crop harvests, we will have enough grain to supplement them and have some available for sale next year. We are in the process of getting two hoop houses planted and a small greenhouse up for veggie starts. We are implementing keyline design, permaculture, and silvopasture on the farm where we create swales, plant fruit and nut trees, and farm the alleys between the trees. Hopefully, we will get a field fully planted by spring with potatoes and garlic growing in the alleys. We defiantly have a lot of work ahead of us, with the goal of having a farm that produces the majority of our diet and is a model for other farms striving to produce food in a humane, ethical, and socially conscious manner.

2021 Products


We are taking reservations for beef now and it is available in the following quantities:

Whole- 250#'s at $7.99 per pound

Half- 125#'s at $7.99 per pound

Quarter- 60#'s at $7.99 per pound

Grilling Box - 20#'s at $12 per pound (includes steaks, roasts, and burgers)

Weston A. Price Box - 20#'s at $12 per pound (includes liver, heart, oxtail, tongue, and broth bones) Burger Box - 20#'s at $6.99 per pound

There are no extra fees and delivery is free when you purchase a whole (California only). Smaller quantities can be picked up at a drop point or our farm in Mariposa. We will no longer be able to do custom cuts and all beef will be cut in a standard cut. We have appointments for processing in June and should have everything delivered in June and July, but cannot guarantee that time due to unforeseen complications with the slaughter and/or butcher shop. There is a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve your order, box orders require a $50 deposit. To place an order please send an e-mail to with your name, what you want to order, and your delivery address. We will reply with the availability and an invoice for the deposit. Thanks for your support.