Fouch Farms - Grass-Fed Beef

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! The year is off to a great start here at the farm. We have lots of green grass and new calves and lambs being born everyday. We are very grateful to be so close to our food supply, and are blessed to provide you with yours. We attended a sustainable farming conference in 2018 and a speaker on nutrition reminded us that the cells in our bodies are constantly dying and recreating new cells. So much so, that every seven years we basically have a new body! These cells are built from the food we eat. The old saying, "you are what you eat," has never been more relevant than in today's food system. All food is not created equal, and the lifeblood of that food is our soil. A carrot grown in conventional, tilled, chemically fertilized, herbicide/fungicide/pesticide-sprayed soil, is not the same as a carrot grown on an organic, no-till, humus-rich, microbial abundant farm. Remember, our soil is alive with billions of microbes, which together with mother nature's mysterious mix of symbiotic relationships, has created nutrient dense food for animals since the beginning. Words that end with "cide," denote a person or substance that kills, ie: homicide, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide. Conventional agriculture is literally killing our soil, through tillage, chemical fertilizers, and spraying of the various "cides."

In 2015 the Government repealed the COOL ACT. If you don't know, the COOL ACT stands for the country of origin labeling act. This act made it mandatory to label food that comes from other countries with where the product came from. In 2015, they repealed the act and quit enforcing the law for beef and pork. This means current beef and pork shipped into the USA from other countries is repackaged, and then labeled a product of the USA. It is not illegal, the companies are following the current rules but it is devastating for American beef and pork producers, and I feel unethical because consumers are simply unaware. For the grass-fed and organic beef producer it is a huge blow. According to the American Grass-fed Association, nearly 75% of the grass-fed beef consumed in the USA comes from Australia, New Zealand, and Uruguay. The sad part about this is most of the American consumers are being deceived. The bright side is that these large organic/grass-fed cattle ranches exist and are great for our global ecosystem. However, if we don't support our local eco-farmers, they will be swallowed up by huge Ag-conglomerates, the land will be put into conventional production, and the degradation of our soil and our civilization will continue. I hope you realize when you purchase from us you are ensuring the survival of our ranch, the health of your body, the survival of a complex network of life in our ecosystem, our watershed, and our local environment. Most corporate Agriculture is simply not sustainable.

So, is all beef just beef? Absolutely not! Cattle that graze diverse patures, that are grown from humus rich, microbial abundant soil are genetically and nutritionally superior. Just as we are what we eat, so are the cattle, sheep, worms, microbes, ect.- one big, interconnected web.

Our ranch is made up of approximately 1400+- acres of owned and leased land. Of that 1400ac, about 50ac is farmed, with less than 1ac in vegetables for our family. The farmed acreage is used to grow hay, which we use to supplement our cattle during our 6 month rainless dry season, and as an emergency backup during droughts. On our farm ground we use no "cides," period. We use no chemical fertilizers ever. The only fertilizers we apply to our farm ground is animal manures. We also grow cover crops on those fields which provide food for wildlife and the soil. We have practiced minium till since our inception, which involves a yearly light disc to incorporate our cover crop befor planting. This year we built a no-till drill, which allowed us to stop turning the soil altogether. This means we won't disturb the soil life and the networks of fungi that provide so many nutrients to our soil and plants. It also turned three passes of a tractor into one, which reduces impact on the soil and fuel usage. We are hoping to have a good crop this year and will be able to buy a small combine, to harvest all the grain allowing us to save our own seed for next years planting, and provide our own grain for our chickens and pigs.

The remaining acreage we have is range land. This land is what you would probable consider wild, it is pretty much in its natural state execpt for the ponds, roads, and fences. We practice holistic management and managed intensive grazing. We plan our grazing, considering our goals, what is best for the livestock, wildlife, the land, and our community. We divide the land up into paddocks using electric and permanent fences, then move the cattle and sheep across those pastures. This creates a system where the cattle graze the plants to a sustainable height, trample some forage into the ground to feed the soil, and fertlize the soil out their back end. They are then moved to a new field, to allow that field to regrow, before they are moved back. We move cattle off of different ranches at different times of the year to rest the land, and to provide the animals the most nutrient dense forages for that part of the season. We don't use any chemicals, cides, growth hormones, antibiotics on our livestock, or our pastures.

To help you become more involved in your food and your farmer, we would like to invite you to a farm tour on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at 10am in Mariposa. We will send out an email to our list with the details in March.

How to purchase from Fouch Farms:

We are now taking orders for animals available in 2019. There is a $250 deposit for each animal ordered. To place an order, reply with an email, specify what you want, include your name, mailing address, and phone number. Please let us know if you would like the extras included in your order ie: organ meats, tallow, soup bones. We will reply to your email with an invoice after we confirm our availability. When your animal is ready we will have it slaughtered (by a certified humane slaughter) and deliver it to the butcher (cut and wrap it). After that, we will deliver to our drop points in Mariposa, Oakhurst, Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Sausalito, and San Luis Obispo. If you are not near one of our drop points, you can get a drop point in your neighborhood with order over $2500. All other customers must pick up at the farm in Mariposa or from the butcher. Beef will be available in June, pork in October, and lamb in December.

Important- We have changed our pricing structure to make it more convenient for you. All products will be charged on a flat per pound basis. There are no other fees for slaughter, butcher, or delivery.


As always, our cattle are 100% grass-fed and will be finished on the late Spring grasses. We are certified humane and grass-fed by Animal Welfare Approved.

Whole Beef - $9.50 per pound for 250 pounds of beef

Half Beef - $9.75 per pound for 125 pounds of beef.

Quarter Beef - $10.00 per pound for 60 pounds of beef.

Gourmet Ground Beef - $9.00 per pound

Grilling Box - $12.00 per pound for 20 pounds (includes steaks, ribs, and roasts)

Weston A. Price Box - $12.00 per pound for 20 pounds (includes organ meats, marrow/soup bones, and ox-tail)


We have grass fed and grass finished Dorper lambs available. They are raised without hormones, chemical wormers, and antibiotics. They are available in wholes only and typically yield approximately 30 pounds of meat.

Whole lamb - $9.50 per pound for 30 pounds of meat.

Pastured Pork

We have a limited amount of pastured pork this year. It will be ready in October and is available in halves and wholes. Our pigs are raised in oak woodlands enjoying acorns and are supplemented with organic grain from Modesto Milling, apples, and yams.

Whole Pig - $9.50 per pound for 100 pounds.

Half Pig - $10.00 per pound for 50 pounds.

Thanks for your continuing support, Jesse, Hannah, Jensen, Gus, Poppy, and Henry