Fouch Farms - Grass-Fed Beef

Happy new year and welcome to 2018. It is going to be an exciting year and we are welcoming a lot of changes. We have some exciting news about our farm and the availability of new products but it will have to wait for now because the deal is still in the finalizing stages.

How to purchase from Fouch Farms:

We are now taking orders for animals available in 2018. When your animal is ready we will have it slaughtered (by a certified humane slaughter) and deliver it to the butcher (who will custom cut and wrap it). After that, you can pick up your meat from the butcher. We are not officially affiliated with them and a separate payment to them will be required to pick up your meat.


As always, our cattle are 100% grass-fed and will be finished on the late Spring grasses. We are certified humane and grass-fed by Animal Welfare Approved. Prices will be the same as last year at $3.00 per pound live weight. Beef will be ready around June depending on rainfall. Beef is available in quarters, halves, and wholes. We have smaller Dexter cattle (400-600#’s) and larger British White Cattle (800-900#’s). We will be selling some herd cows this year, these are older cows that no longer fit our genetics goals. Herd cows are ideal for hamburger and slow cooking, but are typically not as tender as the younger beef and have a more robust flavor. Here is an article for more information:

Herd cows will be offered at $1.95 per pound live weight.


To place an order, send an email with your desired products and quantity, we will reply and confirm it is still available and a deposit amount. We will also provide a form for you to print, fill out and return with your deposit. Once we receive your deposit, your order will be confirmed. Returning customers will receive preference. Slaughter fees will remain the same as 2017 and cut and wrap fees will be determined by butcher. You can contact your preferred butcher with any and all questions regarding cut and wrap specifics and fees.

Please specify: small (Dexter) or large (British White), quantity (1/4, 1/2, whole). We will only be using Sanders in Turlock as our butcher this year (Sanders (209) 634-7525). Deposits will be $250 per beef order.

Thanks for your continuing support,

Jesse, Hannah, Jensen, Gus, Poppy, and Henry